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What To Wear Under A Graduation Gown

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When it comes to graduation day, choosing the right outfit is important. While the graduation gown is mandatory, what you wear underneath it is up to you. To ensure you're both comfortable and stylish, consider opting for a simple, lightweight outfit. Some people prefer to wear their graduation gown over formal attire, such as a suit or dress, while others opt for more casual attire like jeans and a t-shirt.

In regards to suits and dresses, the trending color of 2023 is beige to start you off. But if you're looking for comfortable and trendy attire, have you seen our new unisex "Adventure Awaits" and "Senior Class 2023" shirts? These shirts are the perfect addition to your graduation day outfit, to show off your accomplishments. The "Adventure Awaits" shirt is perfect for those who are excited to embark on a new journey, while the "Senior Class 2023" shirt is a great way to commemorate your high school graduation. Plus, these shirts are unisex so everyone can rock them!

So, when it comes to what to wear under your graduation gown, just remember to choose something comfortable and appropriate for the occasion. And if you're looking to add a little extra flair to your outfit, consider snagging one of these great t-shirts!

Cheers and congrats to the Class of 2023! Here at Graphix Fuse, we wish you all the best for the future!


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